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Lily Lapenna MBE draws on her decade of entrepreneurial and leadership experience as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching to support you to increase your performance at work, align your work with your purpose and achieve your professional goals.

With first hand start up, scale up, social impact and international growth experience, Lily will support you with all aspects of business from strategy to business development, systemic leadership, social impact and innovation.

Lily uses entrepreneurial questioning; deep listening and psychology to help you to overcome limiting patterns, become more resilient and significantly unlock your potential.

Wherever you are in the world, Lily will work with you in person or via Skype and Google Hangouts. Lily coaches in English, Italian and French. The World Economic Forum honoured Lily as a Young Global Leader recognising her system change leadership. In 2017 Queen Elizabeth II honoured Lily with an MBE in recognition of her work in financial services and entrepreneurship


“I worked with Lily while leading a large team through a major strategic transition. She had honest, thoughtful, practical advice to offer on every issue because she had been through it herself, with her own organisation. Having a coach with real-world business experience proved essential when tackling any number of challenges.”

Manager, GSMA

“Lily’s coaching helped me to discover and unfold my true leadership potential. She prepared me for all the opportunities and challenges that come with taking on increasing responsibility and gave me great guidance on how to balance my professional career as well as my personal life and wellbeing. Lily had a truly transformational impact on me.”

Elena Gibson

Director, Ashoka UK

“Lily’s empathetic and thoughtful coaching style has really helped me better understand my own motivations and ambitions for my career. Her kind and non-judgemental support has given me the space and courage to articulate deep thoughts. She has helped me to take on a proactive and positive attitude towards career challenges”

May Kwong

Founder, Academe

“Lily’s intuitive style of coaching has been exceptionally refreshing and effective in supporting my development as both an individual and professional.”

Mike Mompi

Director, ClearlySo

“Three months ago, my business was starting to grow in exciting and unexpected directions. As a sole founder, I really needed a second brain to sanity check, guide and help me set strategic direction through this uncertain time. Lily has done this and so much more. With her kind, smart and considered coaching I have been able to allocate my time more effectively; better spot opportunities and back off from those which may not be in my best interest; recognise habits which may be holding me back; ensure I carefully balance work and life, to prevent burn out; and begin to think longer-term. I know she backs me 100% and has already connected me to her extensive network. Lily is an inspiring business woman, talented coach and wonderful soul. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Flick Hardingham

Founder and CEO, Habit

“Lily has been a consistent source of inspiration helping me through the many stages of business – from starting up to the shift from single director to shared leadership. She has the propensity and expertise to hold space for both emotional and strategic business challenges. Just wow!” Sam Moyo

Founder & CEO, Morning Gloryville

“Lily was a pleasure to work with. Not only did she have an engaging presence and deep expertise in my sector, the process empowered me to make decisions that were instrumental to our growth. It was an incredibly helpful and positive experience.” Noa Gafni

Founder & CEO, Impact Squared


Strategy & Growth

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Succession Planning

System Change Leadership

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Portfolio / Gig / Side Hustlers


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